Pledge to SPAY-A-STRAY

Animal Pride

Animal Pride is Animals 360’s community outreach programme focused on promoting animal wellness and pride in how we care for our animals. The key focus of the programme is to responsibly reach the citizenry, caretakers and protectors of homed and homeless pets (dogs and cats) nationwide to promote animal welfare best practices and spay and neuter practices.

Developing a first world culture of compassion for animal welfare will be key to gaining first world status.

On a daily basis dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are being abandoned and left to fend for themselves and these stray and homeless dogs and cats are subjected to abuse and / or killed simply because they do not have a home. The breeding of these stray and homeless animals are further cause for the population explosion of homeless animals who roam our communities and are suffering without food, shelter and the protection and compassion of mankind.

Often it is our less privileged that show compassion for life and take it upon themselves to protect and care for these stray and homeless animals.

Animals 360 through its Animal Pride programme reaches out to the communities to assist these cases nationwide. Through our Animal Pride programme we offer assistance to spay and neuter the animals so as to eliminate further unwanted litters. Our aim is to promote a nation of pride in how we care for our animals and develop a first world culture of compassion for animal welfare.

From Diego Martin to Mayaro, Sangre Grande to La Brea and all places in between Animals 360’s Animal Ambassadors have traversed the land to promote animal welfare and protect our Nation’s animals. You too can become a member, promote animal welfare and help end the suffering by pledging to –


The #1 cause of death for dogs and cats is euthanasia simply due to overpopulation. Euthanasia is not an acceptable form of population control. Spay and neuter is the only solution.

Pledge $500/year to SPAY-A-STRAY THIS YEAR and EVERY YEAR.

Spaying one dog every year will result in 512 less homeless dogs in three years. Or spaying one cat every year will result in 376 less stray and feral cats in three years.


Help end the suffering before it begins.